Urgent Needs

We need funds to purchase quality medications in Kenya for our medical trips. Each trip we bring reading glasses that are purchased in the U.S. and brought into Kenya.

We have established a dental supply fund in Kenya for the purpose of assisting our dentologists who need gauze, gloves, anesthesia, pain medications, and antibiotics to function continually in the villages in our absence.

We  are establishing an AIDS support group fund to be used in established areas in Kenya These groups are composed of HIV+ patients who meet together and work on various projects to assist them in ongoing need for food and support. Things such as chicken and goat purchases plus simple farming are part of this program.  The funds are administered locally within each church district. We are currently working with the health committee of the Methodist Church in Kenya to assist financially.  There are 11 cell groups to date.

Each year or two, funds permitting, we support a seminar uniting experts in a particular field from both countries.  In the past we have held seminars for lay pastors, women ministries, HIV awareness and in September will be holding a palliative care conference.

Education of selected Kenyans is a high priority. They are the future of their country. In the past we have sponsored training in Kenya of a physician, several nurses, ministers and numerous community health workers. This is in addition to our dentology program that has trained 30 people to provide basic dental care in local villages.

Currently we need assistance for:

  • Douglas – A Ph.D student 2 years into a five-year program
  • Richard who is starting a Masters in Community health and HIV.  He is already a dentologist, has a BA in ministry and is currently active in ministry
  • Marcy who is completing her training in business education in November
  • Alex who is just beginning his five-year program to be a physician
  • Samuel a dentologist who is working first toward community  health in general and hopes to go on to be a full dentist
  • Several others – Ely, Paul, and Thomas – are reading to attend school when funds become available.

We require each candidate for a scholarship to submit semester by semester grade reports and conduct reports.  The students are selected by their communities and church leaders.  Many have some local support financially but not enough to finish. All must have proper grades to enter for the selected field of study and have been accepted at an approved training program. These Kenyans are all trained in Kenya.

Please consider supporting any individual toward his goal or supporting our general scholarship fund.

Please pray for all those seeking higher education for the glory of God and the future of Kenya