Our Mission

Sharing the gospel with those waiting to be seeing by the doctors.

Mission Statement

KMM’s mission is to serve the Lord by partnering with the local church in Kenya to help meet the medical and spiritual needs of the people of Kenya.

What does KMM do?

Virtually all medical care in developing nations is provided through the cooperation of churches and non-governmental organizations. Kenya Medical Mission works through the health committee and mission outreach of the Methodist Church in cooperation with the government to provide health care to people of all religions. Annually a medical-lay work team travels to a remote region of Kenya to assist the people there with their health needs by providing medicine, medical personnel, and training for local community health workers. All board members serve voluntarily, without pay or reimbursement for their travel expenses.

In addition to sending annual medical teams, KMM is dedicated to the education of Kenyan health workers so that they may work to improve the quality of health care in Kenya on a long-term basis. Over the past five years, we have completed two clinics, provided one fully trained nurse and three clinical officers for these clinics, and trained several community health workers. Last year in Kiandegwa, a village in central Kenya, we opened a health care clinic and staffed it with a Kenyan nurse who was willing to work for housing and minimal reimbursement. In the last three years we have contributed to the education of six community health works, three nurses, two nursing assistants, two educators, and two ministers.

Kenya Medical Mission:

  • Provides medicines and supplies for clinics and hospitals
  • Provides medical personnel to relieve overworked staff and to train Kenyans
  • Develops ancillary health projects such as water purification systems
  • Educates community health workers
  • Contributes to the education of nurses and ministers
  • Contributes to the education of Kenyan students at home
  • Provides famine relief
  • Evangelizes